About Us

Unicoshape was founded in 2017 and offers free project advice, low prices, quick shipping and an ever expanding selection of stained glass and supplies.

Unicoshape has grown considerably over the past 4 years, but it is still owned and managed by artist Joe, and most of our employees are actively working as artists.

  • Most of our business comes from repeat customers.
  • Unlike many Internet retailers, we only sell what we have in stock (unless the customer has special needs).
  • Most of our orders ship within 1 to 2 business days (excepting holidays and weekends).
  • Retail and Wholesale orders are placed using our website.
  • Please note, our warehouse is not open to customers.
  • Our manufacturing and art studio activities prohibit uninvited visitors.

Information about shipping times, warehouse address, sales tax, returns and other issues can be found on our policies page.

Customer service problems like lost deliveries, wrong products, damaged products, etc. are always resolved faster via email than by phone. E-mail us your customer service problems.

Chances are we have answered your question multiple times if not thousands of times over the past years. Usually we have a written answer online that we can email you. Please e-mail us your project questions.

Our Mission Statement

One of our most important goals is to promote contemporary stained glass as a fine art and encourage ordinary people to make original stained glass art in their own style.

We do this in several ways:

  • We provide technical information and artistic advice.
  • We make premium stained glass materials available to amateur crafters at a reasonable price.
  • We avoid kits which encourage people to make copies of “arts&crafts” junk.
  • We exhibit examples of glass art made from various materials, including low-cost materials available locally.

“Make it your way, and it will be genuine art in the highest sense of the word.”

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